Recognize Your Influence

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For those who have visited us over the past year, you may have noticed that we focused primarily on spreading wonderful content about Haiti and the Haitian experience but much of our content was not created in-house. This year marks a distinct change for us as we’ve created several weekly and bi-weekly tabs that will host original content unique to our site. Tabs are as follows:

A weekly editorial column focused on People of Color (POC) that fascinate us, ideas that have changed the world and historical analysis that rewrites the story of minorities worldwide.

Focusing on the current Haitian art scene, featuring interviews with modern artists, musicians, actors, and many more.

Breaking ground with direct interviews from POC who wish to share lessons through their life experience.

Highlighting leaders around the world who are enriching, educating and restoring their communities.

We hope that you’ll check back every week to see what’s new!