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A weekly editorial column focused on People of Color (POC) that fascinate us, ideas that have changed the world and historical analysis that rewrites the story of minorities worldwide.

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    Ragtime Music

    Ragtime music, born of the John Philip Sousa march era, saw popularity from 1865-1918. It was syncopated music that grew out of local African American communities in the St. Louis area ahead of any popular acclaim.   Read More...

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    A Modern Conjuring of Black Gods: 5 Things to Know About Vodoun

    Firstly, we will begin from a position of respect. This is non-negotiable. While much of western media has distorted the reality of Vodoun to fit its agenda of Haiti as a superstitious cesspool of sacrifice and bloodlust, this piece will remain open to the real-world implications of a black religion.   Read More...

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    Raise the Dead: Martin Luther King

    “It appears as if the price for the first national holiday honoring a black man is the development of a massive case of national amnesia concerning who that black man really was.”I think each one of us can pull up an image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) upon request.   Read More...

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    #PrayforHaiti Isn’t the Same as Helping Haiti

    On January 12th, 2010 Haiti was hit with a 7.0 earthquake that leveled the country and claimed roughly 220,000 lives. Not only was the disaster devastating, it occurred just as the Haitian economy was beginning to improve and stabilize. Historically seen as an impoverished country, Haiti was moving away from its past and toward more sound economic policies supported by the rest of the world.   Read More...

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