Walter Johnson

Baltimore, MD

Coach - Up Football, Basketball, and Soccer Camp. 
Up Comedy Show

Founded 2010 in Baltimore, This Youth Summer Camp is designed to give each student athlete an opportunity to receive concentrated technique training.

What is your role in community activism?

You can consider me a role model or mentor to the youth through sports.

What is the value you see in a young mind and body through sports? 

The value is really to teach them and critique them and motivate them through sports to build their bodies and their minds and this helps them go to the high school level prepared as well as the college level and beyond so really getting them young is crucial to developing good habits.

Who is your role model?  And why?

My father he has always been in my life he kept us family oriented my father always taught me right from wrong and to never stop learning so I use that same mentality when training our youth. As technology grows and things change his lessons stayed in my mind that I can always learn and teach. So my father still teaches me to this day and this is why I teach the kids.

How do you remain focused?

Through my children they keep me focused they keep me groundedI try to just push ahead and move forward for them.

Do you pray meditate or use any centering exercises?  

I pray and meditate if I can find some time to be alone I usually sit back in in quiet to collect my thoughts. I pray to stay in tune with my beliefs.

Explain how success is often not glamorous. 

A lot of times when you try to reach success or succeed it's not that glamorous because there is a lot of hate for people who are motivated to make a difference. So when you do succeed you don't receive all the gratitude that you think. Expect a lot of hard word it's not easy or overnight and then when you sit back and your are able to pass that success to your children, that's is a finished product. Not instant gratification 

To the forgotten children who feel like they left behind, what is your message?

You're never left behind.

When you feel like that a lot of times you motivation has been pushed over. Because you're never left behind people might not get you what you want they can get you what you need. Take heed to pay attention to everything you get out of life. Use a lesson from everybody keep older people around me that you can be motivated by you never left  behind. Collect the pieces to complete your puzzle. Keep moving on keep striving never give up keep Going. You can achieve any goal keep your spirits up